Engagement rings

Lorelei yellow gold and diamond,
also exists in vermeil & black diamond
Large Mon chéri diamond ring
yellow gold
Yellow or white gold, diamonds
Baby solitaire (yellow gold, white gold)
Constellation ( yellow gold, white gold)
Baby Eve ( yellow gold, white gold)
Eve ( yellow gold, white gold)
Princesse ( yellow gold, white gold)
Rose solitaire yellow gold ring,
Yellow gold alliance rings
Brushed or hammered yellow gold, diamonds
Mon Cheri and Galatee rings
Favorite, yellow gold and diamonds
White gold alliance rings
Brushed or hammered white gold, diamonds
Mon Cheri ()
Galatee white diamonds
Engagement rings for men
Mon Cheri and Lorelei rings
white gold

Alliance rings for men
Brushed or hammered white gold, diamonds

Mon Cheri (- king size)
Galatée black diamonds
Constellation yellow gold and diamonds paving
K gold and diamonds , cts

yellow gold
white gold
White goldConstellation, Baby Solitaire, Princess
from left to rightConstellation, cts white gold and diamonds paving , cts
Baby solitaire, cts white gold and diamond , cts
Princess solitaire, cts white gold and diamond , cts - G/Vsi
‘Champagne’ gold Galatée ring between fine and large Mon Chéri rings
Galatee cts white gold diamonds ,cts
Mon cheri white gold
Galatée, Mon cheri rings
Galatee yellow gold and diamonds , cts
Mon Cheri thin ring
White gold Mon Cheri rings

cts yellow gold
Black diamonds Galatee ring
yellow gold
white gold
Yellow gold Mon Cheri rings

cts gold et diamond , cts, G/Vsi
white gold
yellow gold
Galatee white gold ring
cts white gold and diamond cluster , cts

Mon Cheri white gold rings

cts gold and , cts diamond
yellow or pink gold
white gold

cts gold and diamond , cts - G/VSi
white gold
yellow gold
Mon Cheri double ring
stone hammered white gold

cts white gold
from left to right Double Mon Cheri stone hammered
Double Mon Cheri brushed
Mon Cheri hammered
king size brushed Mon Cheri (’champagne withe gold)
Texture effects for men’s alliances
from left to right
Satin White gold
Satin ‘champagne’ white gold
Stone hammered satin white gold
Stone hammered polished white gold

These effects can be mixed for all men’s alliances models
Inside engraved ring



Grenadine Brunehilde rings

from . to .

yellow gold
yellow gold, diamond
Black Solitaires

from . to .
Black Solitaire

from . to .

Helium yellow gold ring
Andromède yellow gold white diamond ring
Helium white diamond yellow gold ring
Helium white diamonds yellow gold ring

Cassiopee yellow gold ring
exists in white or pink gold

Brunehilde vermeil/turquoise ring
Yseult vermeil/turquoise ring

Yellow gold
White gold
Yellow gold and cornaline Aphrodite ring
Black stone rings
Fedora vermeil/black agate vermeil ring
Yseult vermeil/black spinel ring
Brunehilde vermeil/black spinel ring
Baby Solitaire yellow gold/black diamond ring
Baby yellow gold rings
Baby Yellow gold ring
Tourmaline, cornalin, amethist, labradorite, turquoise, iolite...

Baby yellow gold/emerald ring (the th one)
Fedora ring
vermeil, turquoise
Favorite ring
yellow gold, white diamonds
Brunehilde vermeil ring
Brunehilde vermeil faceted stone ring
Gold and pink tourmaline rings
Mon Cheri vermeil, thin , large
Lorelei vermeil,
Lorelei vermeil and black diamond,
Lorelei ring
vermeil, black diamond
Chrysoprase or green tourmalines gold rings
yellow gold, esmerald
Special order, price depending on the stone
Brunehilde, Yseult and Bonbon rings
gold or vermeil, green tourmaline, calcite
Esmerald Baby solitaire and Eurydice rings, Link bracelet
Yellow gold emarald Baby solitaire ring
Berenice yellow gold emerald ring
Yellow gold /emerald Link bracelet
“Champagne” gold and semi-precious stones rings
Baby, Brunehilde, Yseult, Bonbon, Mon Chéri, Aphrodite and Galatee

Constellation white gold, paved with diamonds
Yellow gold
White gold
Galatée ring
Brushed cts gold ring with bare of diamonds , cts

Yellow gold white diamonds
White gold white diamonds

Yellow gold black diamonds
White gold black diamonds

cts hammered gold and diamond , cts
yellow gold or pink gold
white gold

cts gold and diamond , cts solitaire
yellow gold or pink gold
white gold
Yellow gold rings
From left to right Baby , Mon Chéri diamond
Yseult (also available in vermeil ), Morgan
Baby and Brunehilde rings
Yellow gold with semi precious stones rings
Brunehilde iolite ring
White Gold rings
From left to right Brunehilde pink tourmaline , Baby grenat , Morgan
Mon Chéri thin , Brunehilde white labradorite ,
Baby pink tourmaline
Brunehilde Ringin vermeil, in yellow gold

Exist in vermeil (gold-plated sterling silver), yelllow gold or white gold, with semi-precious stones.
Gemstones in four shapesoval, round, square and rectangular.
- vermeil and
- tourmaline vermeil and
- yellow gold
- white gold
For different shapes and sizes of gemstone, prices on request.


India song earrings
Frida vermeil turquoise or coral earrings
Maxi Frida vermeil earrings
white gold, diamond (by unit)
Stud earrings collection
Lucky Andromède studs, Andromede and Persee pendants, Helium pendants, Trèfle and Phenix studs, Alma studs and creoles.sold individually
Alma vermeil stud
Alma vermeil creole earring
Diamond Helium creole earring, Trefle and Lucky stud earrings
Helium yellow gold/white diamond creole earring
Helium yellow vermeil/honey diamond creole earring
Trefle vermeil stud
Lucky vermeil/honey diamond stud
Orion vermeil hoops earrings
small model
medium model
large model
Sequins yellow gold earrings
Gold hammered leaf earrings.
from left to rightGin Fizz shape (long pendants)
Double sequins shape
Daiquiri shape (double chain)

Baby Star earrings
Celeste hoops
vermeil, large model
vermeil, small model
Danae Gin Fizz pendant earrings
Ines vermeil earrings
Danae Gin Fizz brushed vermeil/prasiolite
Danae Gin fizz prasiolite drops vermeil pendant earrings
also exists in cornelian (orange), black agate, turquoise
Ines silver earrings
diameter or cm


cornelian or labradorite
green or pink tourmaline
Diane vermeil turquoise bracelet
hammered Diane bracelet
polished Diane bracelet
Lilou vermeil turquoise bracelet
double Diane hammered vermeil bracelet
BB Frida vermeil turquoise bracelet
Loulou vermeil bracelet
Diane double vermeil turquoise bracelet
Salammbo turquoise cuff bracelet
Big Bang cuff bracelet

Small model, brushed texture
small model, matte hammered texture with black diamonds
Phenix bracelet
Gold-plated brass, black diamondwithout diamond
Helium Bracelets
Helium yellow gold bracelet
Helium yellow gold/white diamond bracelet
Nova cuff bracelet
Gold-plated brass, brushed texture
Alma Bracelets
round/square vermeil
Garance Fontana bracelet
brushed vermeil, black diamond
Loulou et BB Frida bracelets
Loulou vermeil bracelet (stamped round ou square pattern)
BB Frida vermeil / green tourmaline
Loulou bracelet
vermeil. Square ou round embossed pattern.
Vermeil and cornelian bracelets
Garance cuff bracelet (small model)
Diane double cuff bracelet
Frida cornelian cuff bracelet
Diane brushed bracelet
Loulou bracelet
BB Frida cornelian bracelet
Diane hammered bracelet
Garance vermeil/turquoise cuff bracelet
Double Diane vermeil bracelet
Loulou round pattern vermeil bracelet
Loulou square pattern vermeil bracelet
Diane hammered vermeil bracelet
Brunehilde green tourmaline vermeil bracelet
Diane brushed vermeil bracelet
Vermeil and black spinel bracelets
Garance small model bracelet
Garance small model black spinel bracelet
double Diane hammered bracelet
Loulou bracelet
Hammered Diane bracelet
Brunehilde black spinel bracelet
Brushed Diane bracelet
Brunehilde bracelet
vermeil, pink tourmaline
Brunehilde bracelet
vermeil, turquoise
Vermeil bracelets
double Diane bracelet
Diane stone hammered bracelet
Garance stones Large bracelet
Garance small bracelet
BB Byzance yellow gold creole earring
Diane bracelets
Diane vermeil, polished , hammered
Double Diane hammered
Maxi Diane hammered
Diane brushed bracelet
vermeil. Round or square embossed pattern.
Maxi Lilou , Diane , double Diane , Brunehilde , Lotus , triple Gipsy , Garance ( and ), Sequin
Nude bracelets
silver Nude bracelet
vermeil Nude Bracelet
Diane vermeil bracelets - polished
- hammered
- double hammered
- maxi hammered

Frida, vermeil and green tourmalines
Vermeil bracelets
Lotus bracelet
Lilou bracelet
Gipsy triple bracelet
Diane bangle or
Garance vermeil cuff bracelet small model
Garance vermeil cuff bracelet large model
Frida tourmaline vermeil bracelet

Link , lucky link and diamond Link bracelets
Yellow, pink or white cts gold, black or white diamonds.
Brunehilde green tourmaline Bracelet
Brunehilde oval tourmaline vermeil bracelet
Link bracelets
cts gold thread bracelet with robust fastening

- yellow gold
- pink gold
- white gold

Fastening color grey, black or red
Gipsy triple Bracelet
vermeil and semi precious stones.


vermeil cm chain.
cornelian or amazonite

yellow gold
white gold

yellow gold,
Astarte medal pendant
Yellow gold, embossed letter, stary diamond

- with a cm yellow gold chain
- with a cm yellow gold chain
- with a cm yellow gold chain
Micro Celeste Java necklace
yellow gold
Celeste necklace and sautoir necklace
Celeste vermeil necklace
Celeste vermeil sautoir necklace
Celeste yellow gold necklace

Byzance turquoise necklace and sautoir necklace
sautoir necklace
Byzance turquoise necklace and sautoir necklace
sautoir necklace
Baby Star and Florence necklaces
Baby Star vermeil necklace
Florence vermeil/coral necklace
BB Byzance
BB Byzance necklace, yellow gold and diamonds,
also exists in vermeil
BB Byzance vermeil necklace
Nicknames multi-medals necklace
Embossed letters. cm chain.
cts yellow gold
cts white gold
BB Torcello white gold and diamonds necklace
BB Byzance white gold and diamonds necklace

Sautoirs necklaces

vermeil, cm chain.
cornelian, black agate or amazonite

hammered texture
brushed texture
Gaia sautoir necklaces
yellow gold/diamond
vermeil, coral, turquoise
matte vermeil
Celeste vermeil sautoir necklace
Byzance vermeil
Byzance Sautoir necklace
Byzance vermeil / cornaline sautoir necklace

customized jewels

Astarte medal pendant
Yellow gold, embossed letter, stary diamond

- with a cm yellow gold chain
- with a cm yellow gold chain
- with a cm yellow gold chain
Embossed Letters necklace
yellow gold, cm chain
white gold, cm chain
Lotus vermeil bracelets
hammered Lotus vermeil
personalized Lotus vermeil
Inside engraving ring

Men's jewels

Honey black diamond men’s necklaces
White gold, black diamond
Corto silver earring for men
Corto thin silver earring for men
Corto silver large earring for men
gold thread hammered bracelet
- Matte yellow gold
- Matte white gold without rhodium
- Polished white gold
Ulysse bracelet
Sterling silver bracelet with robust cotton fastening.
- oxidized silver
- Polished silver
- Matte silver
Alliances for men
Mon Cheri and Galatee
White gold

cts white gold
from left to right Double Mon Cheri stone hammered
Double Mon Cheri brushed
Mon Cheri hammered
Large Mon Cheri brushed (’champagne withe gold)
Midnight bracelet for men (special order)

Special order

yellow goldcarats sapphyre
Cloud bracelet
diamond, turquoise, yellow gold
Garance gold Bracelets
yellow gold, diamonds
prices on request
Diane yellow gold bracelet
Pink tourmaline , Maxi Brunehilde ring
yellow gold, esmerald
Tanzanite rings
yellow gold, tanzanite, sapphyre
Maxi-Brunehilde sapphire
Maxi-Constellation ring
Yellow gold, diamonds
Maxi Brunehilde ring
Yellow gold, esmerald
Torcello king size sautoir necklace
vermeil, chrysoprase, green tourmaline and honey diamond.
Cassiopée ring
Pink gold, diamonds
Butterfly tanzanite cuff bracelet
Vermeil, tanzanite, diamonds.
brushed yellow gold, pink tourmaline
brushed yellow gold, green tourmaline
Eurydice Bracelet
Yellow gold / diamonds
Aphrodite king size ring
Yellow gold, garnet
Danae pendant earrings
brushed yellow gold and prasiolite
Brunehilde bracelet
Customized bracelet with your own stone.
Indigo tourmaline, yellow gold
yellow gold and pink tourmaline
Yellow gold chrysoprase oval ring
yellow gold, pink tourmaline
Midnight bracelet for men
brushed white gold, black diamonds